Support / Helpdesk

Our License Customers receive Premium Support

 …without a ticket system and long waiting times!


  • As an engineering company that has been using CelsiusEC (previously known as 6SigmaET) for many years, we provide our license customers with practical training on the software.
    • Basic training for new users
    • Advanced training on special functional elements (joule heating, transient simulation, etc.)
    • Trainingsession based on customer projects
  • Technical Support via Email
    • describe your problem to us via email with text, images and project data. We will be happy to explain our approach and the solution via email or a short Teams-Meeting
  • Technical Support via Hotline +49 6772 969 3435
    • Our official hotline number for our license customers is available at all times during normal business hours
  • Access to our Customer-Helpdesk
    • We offer a password-protected helpdesk for our trained users. Here you will find many functional explanations of CelsiusEC, downloads for databases, data sheets and topic-related tutorials that we have created ourselves
  • We also give you access to the software manufacturer’s own services, such as
    • Software-Updates (once a year)
    • Hotfixes (several times a year)

Requirement for access to our Customer Support

In the early years of ALPHA-Numerics, we made the painful experience that we were unable to offer many customers fast and competent support, as all lines were constantly besieged by simple, basic questions.
So we decided to establish the 8-hour basic software training course as a mandatory access requirement. Only those who have already taken part in this training can use our Premium Support at any time.
Due to the already trained content, many basic questions are eliminated and the trained user also has enough background to understand the “answers to his technical questions”.

This approach is highly appreciated by our customers and allows us to process every enquiry very promptly and maintain personal contact with all users without a ticket system or other administrative lead time.

You have access to a CelsiusEC licence pool abroad

 …and would also like to use the premium support from ALPHA-Numerics?

Simply ask us for a customised offer for a hotline support contract. After receiving basic training and an active local support contract, we will be happy to offer you our experience in dealing with CelsiusEC in German or English.
Please send your enquiry to We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.