6SigmaET Release 16 – Whats New?

by | Jan 17, 2022 | News

6SigmaET is a leading thermal simulation software for electronics development. With many automatisms, the achievable accuracy of the calculation results and the efficient use, 6SigmaET continues its triumphal march in the development departments. 6SigmaET has a powerful CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) solver, is robust and enables the engineer to develop, solve and analyse complex models faster than ever before.

6SigmaET Release 16 offers many important innovations to use an engineer’s working time efficiently and not to block it by long waiting times during modelling or solving.

For this reason, the incredible performance of nVidia graphics cards and their GPUs has been integrated more and more into 6SigmaET. This has made the user interface for modelling simulation projects much faster. This enables a completely new kind of data processing, which has long since arrived in the 3D gaming world thanks to current, high-performance graphics cards. The modelling process, calculation process and evaluation process have been accelerated many times over through the use of the GPU.

The following overview of the highlights from Release 16 should give you a first impression of how 6SigmaET has developed in one year alone:

  • The user interface is now accelerated directly by the GPU for the most part
    • Construction window reacts many times faster during modelling
    • Graphic representation of the models look very realistic
    • Calculated surface temperatures are projected onto the model faster
    • Smart, advanced editing options for colour legends
  • In addition to the heat radiation calculation (also 2.75x faster), the potential calculation for Joule heat sources such as energised PCBs or copper rails is now also outsourced to the GPU (up to 325x faster!).
  • Extended script programming via 6SigmaCommander now available for free for all 6SigmaET users! Thus, the solver as well as the model evaluation can be controlled via external access
  • Automated report function has been greatly expanded to shorten the time engineers have to manually create results reports. This means that results from several model versions can be exported simultaneously at the push of a button.
  • 1D flow network can now be coupled with the 3D solver. In cooling systems, for example, the pressure ratios of the supply and discharge lines are also included in the CFD model in a fast, elegant way.
  • Extended menu options when importing PCBs via ODB++ or IPC2581 to filter details per signal layer already during import.
  • Accelerated calculation of a solar radiation via a new back-tracing method (up to 30 times faster)
  • And much more…


Expansion of the sales area of ALPHA-Numerics GmbH to Eastern Europe
In recent years, we have experienced more and more that our customers have established additional development sites in Eastern European countries.

ALPHA-Numerics GmbH is now not only responsible for the German-speaking countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also offers comprehensive customer support in English for the Eastern European countries.

In order to offer a central partner for the training and technical support of our 6SigmaET users via telephone, email or online meetings, we were able to convince the software manufacturer FutureFacilities to take this step.

Our customer support pages at “helpdesk.alpha-numerics.de” have been offering all technical explanations and function descriptions in German and English for some time now. Last year, we also translated all training materials for online training into English and, after the Corona period, we can also provide this training on-site at the customer’s premises if required.

The customer region of ALPHA-Numerics Srl from Milan remains unchanged for the Southern European countries like Italy, Spain and Greece.

For further information or to obtain a free trial licence of 6SigmaET Release 16, please visit our homepage at www.alpha-numerics.de/testlizenz.

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